Attention Moms

 Attention Moms

Want To Lose 30lbs Or More Without Having To Torture Yourself With Restrictive Diets Or Spend The Rest Of Your Life In The Gym?


The Mav Method

The Mav Method

The Busy Mom’s No Nonsense SOLUTION For Permanent Weight Loss Results

see how the mav method is changing lives
see how the mav method is changing lives
my clients transformations!
my clients transfORmations!

Meet Your Head Coach, 
Maverick Willett


Hi, my name is Maverick Willett.

I’m a personal trainer and nutritionist certified by The International Sports Sciences Association and have spent my entire personal training career working exclusively with women.

So you may rightfully ask, “Why does a 6’5 male army veteran turned personal trainer only train women?”

The answer comes back to being raised by my mom, Lynne Willett.

When I was growing up my mom was competing in and winning fitness competitions all over the country using “unorthodox” training methods for most women at that time.

She was years ahead of her competition and to this day is one of the most brilliant fitness minds I’ve ever met.

As a boy growing up with such a strong female role modeL...

As a boy growing up with such a strong female role modeL...

I learned that for most of the lifetime of the fitness industry, women have gotten the short end of the stick.

For decades and decades, women have primarily been marketed “crash diets” and ridiculous workout plans that don’t promote long lasting fitness results.

This is why, to this day, women are still taught the only way to lose weight is to eat like they have the stomach of a chickadee or jog on the treadmill like they’re preparing to run from lions on the savannas of Africa.

This “typical women’s fitness advice” WILL NOT help you become a fitter, healthier woman…

...and it definitely won’t help you outrun a lion lol ;)

In fact, most of the time the typical women’s fitness advice will put you in a washing machine cycle of losing a little weight, then gaining A LOT of weight back.

This is why I created my own customized fitness program for women where I help my clients lose weight PERMANENTLY while still being able to enjoy their life.
I call this fitness program...
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busy mom transformed her body 



So What Exactly Are You Getting Inside The Mav Method?

Unlike most other fitness programs, The Mav Method is built around your goals and your lifestyle.

So many other fitness programs try to sell one-size-fits-all programs.

The problem with this is that you’re a UNIQUE person with UNIQUE needs.

This is why immediately upon signing up for The Mav Method, you will be assigned your very own 1-1 online fitness trainer.

Your trainer is a REAL PERSON that you will work with to craft your very custom fitness plan to help you hit your goals.

When you download The Maverick Online Coaching App, your trainer will be able to upload your personal fitness and nutrition plan directly to your phone so you have access 24/7.

Step #1

Build Your Custom Workout System

It should come as no surprise to know that you will be working out in this program. But working is made easy with our hands-on approach to your fitness.

Instead of slogging through hours of one-size-fits-all workouts, your trainer will build you your own CUSTOM BUILT workout plan to match your lifestyle and fitness level.

Every workout you do inside The Mav Method is tailored to you so you can get FASTER results with LESS effort.

And as you make progress, your trainer will help you adjust your workouts to progressively scale to match your fitness level no matter how new or experienced you are to working out.

Step #2

Build Your Own Nutrition Blueprint

Most people think nutrition is hard to do right when it comes to fitness, but that’s simply not true.

The truth is that most people have just been fed a lot of FALSE information when it comes to nutrition.

For example:
  • You might have been told to avoid fruit because of the sugar. But fruit can actually speed up your metabolism and the naturally occurring sugars in most fruits are actually beneficial for your health.
  • You might have also been told that eating raw veggies like broccoli and asparagus are the most healthy foods you can eat, but most people don’t know that raw veggies have a tendency to SLOW DOWN your metabolism and make it harder to burn fat!
And these are just two of the many bits of FALSE nutrition information in the fitness industry.

With so much bad information out there, it makes sense why most people don’t understand how to set up their diet for maximum satisfaction AND great health benefits (like losing weight).

And if you’re unsure of what to eat to get the best results for your body…

You need to know that this is NOT YOUR FAULT.

This is why we give you your 1-1 trainer to help you build your own Nutrition Blueprint that works best for you inside The Mav Method.

They will give you instructions and resources that you will read and implement in your lifestyle one step at a time until your nutrition plan is streamlined for you to live your life, enjoy your food, get to go out with friends, AND get fit!

Step #3

Join The Tribe Coaching Community And Private FB Group

The most overlooked part of fitness is your community.

Who helps keep you accountable?
Who supports you?
Who encourages you?

Your community is a CRUCIAL part of fitness. And that’s why you will join The Tribe Coaching Community.

This community includes a private FB group where you will get daily FB live streams from me and our certified coaches on topics like nutrition, training methods, mindset, cooking, and how to incorporate fitness into your life instead of letting fitness take over your life.

Inside this FB group you will get access to the entire community from your coaches to your fellow Mav Method members.
But that’s not all…

Every week you will be invited to attend a live Zoom Q&A call with me, Maverick Willett, where I will answer your questions live and teach you a weekly topic to help you keep moving forward and keep getting results.


The 3 steps you see above are everything you need to get long lasting fitness results...but when you fill out your application today, you will get 20 Fitness Friendly Recipes Every Month.

If you’re like most moms, cooking for your family can be a challenge...especially when you’re trying to get in shape!

That’s why your first bonus inside The Mav Method will be 20 Fitness Friendly Recipes for you to choose from every month.

These recipes will give you tasty options and ideas to eat every month so you never feel like you’re stuck eating the same old boring foods.

These recipes include blueberry protein pancakes, breakfast spinach egg scramble, grass fed jalapeno burger, my favorite chicken avocado sandwich, and much more!
Here is What Clients Are Saying...

Have What It Takes To Reach Your Goals & Finally Achieve The Transformation You've Been Trying To Achieve On Your Own?


Please ONLY apply to join The Mav Method if:
  • You are a woman that is at least 25 years old. 
  • ​You are coachable and able to follow instructions to get fitter. 
  • ​You are ready for a long term fitness solution, not just another fad diet.
  • You are serious about getting in shape for yourself AND your family. As a mom, you set an example for your kids with how healthy you are. You must be 100% committed to getting in shape and changing your life to join The Mav Method. 
  • ​You are ready to go “all in” to get the fitness transformation you want. 


Please DO NOT apply for The Mav Method if:
  • You are a man. 
  • ​You are younger than 25 years old. 
  • You are someone who is looking for fad diets, magic pills, or overnight fitness fixes. The Mav Method is a long term program only for women who want long term results.
  • You are vegetarian or vegan.
  • ​You are not ready to be part of a community of other women and support the people around you.
  • You want to compete on stage as a fitness competitor. 
Frequently Asked Questions
 Will I be able to ask my coaches for help when I need it?

Through your private Maverick Online Coaching App, you will have a direct line to your coaches 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Just keep in mind that we sleep sometimes too and won’t always answer your questions immediately at 3am ;)

Not to mention, your coach will check in with you weekly to see how your weekly progress has gone and if anything needs changes to help you keep moving forward.
 Do I need a gym membership to join The Mav Method?
It doesn’t hurt, but no, you do not need a gym membership.

As a mom, you are probably busy and may not be able to make time to visit the gym when you need to work out.

That’s why we custom build you your own fitness plan for the gym or at home to match your lifestyle.
 I’ve done other fitness programs that didn’t work for me. How do I know this will be different?
The only way to “know” you are going to get fitness results is if you commit to the program.

No matter how much information, support, and accountability I give you - I can only ever do 49% of the work for you.

YOU have to put in the extra 51% of effort in order to get lasting fitness results.

Not to mention, unlike most fitness programs, you get a 1-1 coach to help you transform your life one day at a time.

This is not a “one-size-fits-all” fitness program...this is YOUR program.

And if you ever need help, you can always message your coach for support when you need us :)
 I’m not very good at reaching out when I need help. Will that be a problem?
The only reason someone doesn’t feel like they are good at reaching out is because they don’t trust their coaches.

This is why we give you your 1-1 coach to build a trusting relationship with so you have a friend to reach out to for help when you need it.

Plus, our coaches will reach out to you at least 1x/week to check in with how you’re doing.
 How many times per week do I have to workout?
It depends on your custom plan that we will build with you, but it’s typically between 3-5x/week for most members of The Mav Method.
 Will I still be able to drink wine on The Mav Method?

Wine, beer, or even tequila if you’re feeling in an extra exciting mood can ALL fit into The Mav Method program because we build your nutrition plan for you.

If wine (or other alcohol) is important to you, then we will build your program to make sure you have it as an option.
 How much does it cost to join The Mav Method?
Well first, I want to be clear with you that joining The Mav Method is not a “cost”. It’s an investment.

My clients only sign up with me because they know the overall quality of their life is going to improve dramatically over the following weeks and months.

Second, since the investment to join The Mav Method is subject to change, we only reveal the investment to people who fill out an application for The Mav Method so we can reach out to you with all the current details about the program.

And don’t worry, The Mav Method is an easy investment for anybody who is serious about transforming their life with fitness.
 How long is The Mav Method?
Our initial program is 4 months long.
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